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    We, BEKY Medical Products and Packaging, Wrapping Co., are dealing with marketing of orthopedic pillows which are produced by using of viscoelastic memory foam technology that was first invented by NASA for astronauts undergoing high pressure testing in early 60s. The VISKOMEK pillow provides unique support and comfort for deep relaxation. It is a high density foam that reacts to body weight and temperature, molding itself individually to your shape. It provides customized support. After use the foam returns to its original shape. Correctly aligns the neck and shoulders for therapeutic support. Ergonomic design reduces muscle tension, fatigue and stress. Allergy resistance feature helps to prevent mites and allergenic particles.
    Our major sales range contains;
    Memory foam neck pillows, (small, medium, large sizes available)
    Back or vertebra supports (for preferably office use)
    Knee supports (for those that have problems with knee area)
    Memory foam mattresses (for hospitals, clinics, hotels, health clubs)
    If you have any requests/questions about the topic, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime.
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
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