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    Year Established:1975
    Businss Type:Manufacturer
    Address:8o klm NATIONAL ROAD XANTHI KAVALA    
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    Our company "Thrace MARBLE S.A." is one of the oldest companies in northern Greece, which deals with the cutting, processing, marble fitting, trade and export of marble.
    Founded in 1965 by Daskalopoulos brothers and started as a family business engaged in the cutting and fitting of marble.
    In 1975 the company relocated to current premises in Petrohori Village, 8 km before the entrance of Xanthi, where after a series of investment and expansion has transformed from a small family business in a marble industry occupying an important position in the region's economy.
    In our facilities in an area of 30,000 m2, and after the installation of modern mechanical equipment, with machines from international firms, we produce 50000-52000 m2 per month, which are marbles in various colours, sizes and thickness, and we have the capacity to increase our production by 20%, depending on demand.
    Our modern machinery is equipped among others with:
    2 diamond gang saw with 80 blades
    1 slab polishing machine
    1 diamond wire frame saw machine
    2 bridge saw machine
    4 block cutting machine (horizontal and vertical )
    1 block tilting machine
    1 Lathe for columns
    1 Side Finishing Machine
    1 chiselling machine
    1 machine for hammered and striped marbles
    2 tile polishing machines
    2 horizontal belt splitting machines
    1 Chamfering line
    Our products are:
    Tiles in different sizes with thickness 2cm - 3cm - 5cm etc.
    Marble tiles with a thickness of 1cm
    Steps, risers, door sills, windows sills , special dimensions
    Skirting with a thickness of 1cm and 2cm
    Slabs with thickness 2cm and 3cm
    Column, handrails
    Curb in different sizes 5-10-15-20 cm and others upon request
    Paving stone, blind guides.
    The marbles are working out, are Greek and import.
    Our products produced unpolished, matt or polished with special treatment: antique, hammered, striped, chiseled, sandblasting for indoor and outdoor.
    There is also the possibility of road transport by trucks for the delivery of our products in your home base, and for large quantities delivery by ship.
    The forty five years experience, the high quality product, our consistency, and the excellent cooperation with our customers given reputation to our company in our country but also abroad, where we export 50% of our production in the following countries: Saudi Arabia, UAE, Lebanon, Syria, Kuwait, Spain, Germany, Armenia, Russia, Libya, Tunisia, etc..
    Please visit our website in order to know our company and our products.
    Do not hesitate to contact with us for any inquiries. It will be our pleasure to help you.
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