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    Year Established:1960
    Businss Type:Manufacturer
    Contact:Ms. Carmen Acosta (PhD)
    Web Site:
    Province/State:La Habana
    City:La Habana
    Address:Calle 45# 2801    
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    Dear Sr.
    Let me present, my name is Carmen Acosta Bas, Im Work for a year in company LABIOFAM and I the present take care the market of Eastern Mediterranean Region, Europe, Latin America, Asia Africa.
    Impelled by the need appeared during the 60s caused by the deprive of vaccines and medicines and in order to achieve the necessary development of the live stock as an strategy of the country to guarantee the peoples nourishing, emerges the Cuban Industry of Veterinary Vaccines and Medicines, which during its evolution became the Entrepreneurial Group LABIOFAM.
    As times evolved and in order to face the changes in the world economy and the UPS and downs of the international market, it is designed an strategy of diversification, developing the foundations for other productions as Biological Pesticides to control epidemics and sickness, Hygiene Products, Dietetic Supplements of natural origin for and Food.
    The actual operations of the Group are directed to veterinary vaccines and medicines that includes a wide variety of Biologics and Pharmaceuticals guaranteeing 97% of the national consumption of veterinary products.
    LABIOFAM integrates, as all the Cuban Production Research Development Centres to other entities of the same sphere and Universities, integration which magnifies its research capacity.
    Labiofam S. A. trades the productions and services, locally and abroad, generated by the entities conforming the Group and supplies environmental sanitation.
    In parallel with trading, it is also developed the concretion of join business of different nature with national and foreign Companies, from Join Ventures to Cooperated Productions and Productions Contracts.
    LABIOFAM offers you a wide portfolio of Biological, Pharmaceutical and Natural Products, covering many of your possible needs.
    A complete range of medicines and vaccines for veterinary use.
    Pharmaceuticals covering some of the most useful medicines for your health.
    Dietetic supplements made fully from natural sources, will help you to improve the quality of your life.
    Environmentally friendly, bio degradable, completely harmless to human, and other species, the safe way to control rats, mice and mosquitoes.
    The healthy yogurt you will prefer.
    Chemicals for Sanitation and Hygiene
    For personal, household and industrial use.
    In order to maintain our communications, if you its interest can contact by the electronic mails or by the mail of our company
    Hoping by your answer
    Best Regards.
    Dra. Carmen Acosta Bas.
    Exports manager
    Specialist in biological control of vectors
    Labiofam SA.
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