Astral Material Industrial Company Limited

We main product/services:
  • Lining Brick
  • Kiln Furniture
  • Insulating Brick
  • Alumina Ball
  • Vibrating Seive
  • Wear-Resistant Slice
  • Machinery For Tile
  • Ceramic Foam Filter
  • Refractory Materials
  • Ceramic Roller
  • Company Profile:
    Year Established:2004
    Businss Type:Manufacturer
    Contact:Mr. Xavier Li (I.& E. Department Director)
    MobilePhone:0086 13902801280
    Address:Rm. 1001-1007 Xie-He Bldg. , No. 19 Jiangwan-1 Rd.    
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    Astral Material Industrial Co., Ltd. (AMI) is specialized in manufacturing and marketing consumable ceramic and refractory products for foundry industry, Metallurgical industry, Ceramic tile industry and Industrial heating process, Petrochemical and liquid-solid separation area, etc.
    AMI focus on providing consistent qualified products and technical improvement. Till today, we has set up worldwide sales network, we not only sell our products inside of china, but also export to more than 30 countries with good performance.
    Our products include:
    Foam Ceramic Filter (Al2O3, SiC and ZrO2) for molten-metal filtration in foundry industry,
    Ceramic-core for investment casting,
    Ceramic Crucible for metal metallurgy,
    Ceramic Membrane Tube for solid-liquid separation,
    Kiln Furniture (Cordierite-Mullite, Mullite-Corundum, SiC) and insulating bricks for all type of kiln in ceramics, metallurgy and foundry industry,
    Alumina Grinding Media for Ball Mill (Alumina Ball and Lining Brick with 99% , 92% , 72% , and 65% Al2O3)
    Ceramic Roller for Roller Kiln and heating element support and Thermal-couple protecting tube, and refractory kiln parts.
    Industrial Ceramics: Insulating ceramics, ceramic valves, engineering ceramics.
    Lab accessory: Rapid mill Jar, Furnace, Glass-ware, Chemical Reagent.
    Raw Material: Calcined alumina powder, white fused alumina (corundum sands) , Calcined Kaolin Clay.
    Wall Tile and Floor Tile, Artificial Stone, Sanitary-ware and Kitchen accessory.
    Basing on more than 20 years in ceramic and refractory manufacturing and international business, AMI are dedicating products in consistent quality and good services to the customers and enjoying the progress along with them.
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