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  • Skin Care
  • Olive Oil
  • Moisturizer
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    Year Established:2000
    Businss Type:Manufacturer
    Contact:Mr. Yoshitaka Nakahara (Marketing)
    Address:8-16-10 Ginza, Chuo    
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    Cosmetic Importer, Wholesaler, or Distributor wanted for distribution of moisturizers from olive Farm in Japan

    CLEAR HEALTHY SKIN - Organic moisturizers for you.
    Asian Olive Oil Cosmetics for Sensitive Asian Skin

    A family run business with a huge range of Natural and Organic skincare products from 160 years old olive farm in Shodo island, Japan.
    Shodo island is the only location olive can grow up in Japan.

    One of the most basic principles of organic Suzumushi Olive is to have an ecological, environmentally - based cosmetics. That means to rely primarily on olive native to the climate and environment in where we come from. Until the modern age, people were more or less dependent on the products of their regional agriculture. Olives grew in Asia formed the basis of Asian people's skin care. It wasn't until modern technology it became possible for people to base their skin care products from regions with far different location.

    Today, it is common for people to consume o lives from Spain, Italy, France and other countries. However, our skin care depends on our ability to adapt to the changes in our environment or chemicals. When we have olive cosmetics from a climate that is very different from ours or chemical based cosmetics, we may lose that adaptability. As society moved away from its traditional, ecologically-based skin care, there may have been a corresponding rise in skin condition trouble. Therefore, for optimal skin care, we might need to return to a way of having based on cosmetics produced in our local or original environment, or at least on cosmetics produced by olive in a climate that is similar to ours.

    - Skin-friendly products that are kind to the Environment.
    - Skincare with maximum benefits and minimum impact.
    - Natural cleansers and organic moisturizers for you.
    - Guys are not forgotten either

    We are located in Japan: Offices in Tokyo, Factories in Wakayama. Suzumushi Olive have the best selection of natural and organic skincare around and we pride ourselves on our friendly customer service and prompt delivery.
    We look forward to all enquiries. Thank you.

    Free Samples (7ml bottle) Available. Contact us A.S.A.P.

    Paypal / Credit Card
    Bank to Bank Wire Transfer

    We recommend 10 units for Test marketing samples.
    Minimum large volume order: 1 pallet (Dependent on size of Territory/Population/Demographics etc.
    Full Product details will be sent to all interested parties.
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