We main product/services:
  • Personal Care
  • Skin Care
  • Nutrition
  • Company Profile:
    Year Established:2001
    Businss Type:Distributor/Wholesaler
    Contact:Mr. Yoshihiko Ikari ()
    Web Site:mebiuslife.shop-pro.jp/  
    Address:ExcellentPlaza Shinyokohama 304, 2-5-22 Shinyokohama, Kohoku-ku    
    Product display:More
    Thank you very much for seeing our Alibaba site.

    Please let me introduce our company's activity briefly.

    - We, I.R. LABORATORY INC., is located in Yokohama, Japan.

    - We handle mainly "Health and Beauty" products, Nutrition, Skin care
    and etc. Basically our products are "Made in Japan".

    - We have been supplying our products to Drug Stores here in Japan.
    This is really the proof that we are the trusted supplier.

    - As we have right to distribute products directly to Drug Stores, we handle
    lots of attractive products not only our original brand but also many other
    manufactures' products.

    - Our Nutrition Products are approved by "Japan Supplement Council" and
    are manufactured by ISO 9001 procedures.

    - Since we cannot show all the products we can handle for export from Japan,
    if you can look for products not listed on our site, please feel free to contact us
    at any time. We are pleased to follow any your inquiry !

    - The products shown in this site is the same ones that we sell in Japanese
    market. However, if you want to sell our products and/or similar products to
    ours with your original "Brand", we can act as an OEM distributor for you.
    We can flexibly do business with you !!! This is one of the good points of our
    company and probably attractive point for you.

    Our responsible person of Alibba activity has good and deep experience and
    know-how both for products and overseas trading (import/export). In other words,
    we are really good at international trade on commercial basis.

    We are really looking forward to your inquiry, and we shall respond to your inquiry
    by honesty, quick and accurate response. We are looking for our business partners in various area/countries all over the world.

    Our products, made in Japan, have reliable quality and attractive character, and
    will be of help to you for increasing your sales.

    Finally, once again:
    Although we, I.R. LABORATORY INC, is a new comer on Alibaba, we have good
    performance and trust from our customers here in Japan. Our products are available in many drug stores in Japan. This is really the first step for us to start distribution our excellent products all over the world. We are looking for our good and reliable business partners all over the world.

    For your information, we show you our Japanese web shopping site. If you are
    interested in our products, Made in Japan, please visit our web shopping site
    called "Mobius Life" though our site is written in Japanese only because we sell
    our products only in Japanese market at the moment.


    You are always welcome at our Alibaba site. Plea
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