INSREA International Corporation

We main product/services:
  • Pelvis Toner
  • Foods
  • Bb Cream
  • Cosmetics
  • Wet Tissue
  • Leg Shaper
  • Artificial Marble Solid Surface
  • Company Profile:
    Year Established:1985
    Businss Type:Manufacturer
    Contact:Mr. James Lee (International Dep. Specialist)
    City:Shin Dian City, New Taipei City
    Address:7F, No. 207-5, Section 3, BeiShin Rd,    
    Product display:More
    INSREA INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION, our goal is to import fine products from worldwide to Taiwan, and also popularizing Taiwan products to the world. We are not only importing Korea products, we also expand our business to Asia, America, Europe and Africa and worldwide.

    Our products are various. We are importing and exporting building material, foods, and any potential products to worldwide. Besides, we are also developing cosmetics products and beauty-tech products these years. Our products are not limited in any field. Any type service and fine products which can be exchanged will be our business.

    In order to set up an open, clear, effective platform for trade exchanging, we also work hard to set up trading website to welcome every countries who is willing to popularize their products to Taiwan. We also welcome suppliers and factories in Taiwan who wants to develop international market, therefore, through our cooperation, we can create a bigger market.
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