High-Tech Service Company

We main product/services:
  • Construction Materials
  • Real Estate
  • Construction Equipment
  • Company Profile:
    Year Established:1999
    Businss Type:Trading Company
    Contact:Ms. Mudaris Ixanov (Director/CEO/General Manager)
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    Address:Alfarabi Street 124    
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    Our Company "High-Tech Service Company"was established in 1999 year.
    We are specialized and involved in next spheres of world trade business:

    A) Export-import of construction materials, raw materials and scrap materials.
    B) Import of technological systems and electronic devices in Market of Kazakhstan.
    C) Import of home appliances and electronic equipment, computer devices.
    D) Import industrial equipment and machinery.
    E) Construction and Real estate business projects, construction of apartments and offices.
    F) Land business, land for construction projects, land for rent and agriculture projects. Land business consulting and support in construction and commercial projects.
    G) Mining projects consulting connected with extractive industries, extraction of raw materials, output of polymetallic ores, oil field mining projects and oil production.

    Searching the good ways for cooperation with interesting foreign manufacturers and companies suppliers of different kinds products. Readyto support in creation of new projects, and
    Finding of new ways for supplying in our market products and equipment, new technologies.
    Working also in sphere export of different raw materials.
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