We main product/services:
  • Boxes
  • Bowls
  • Picture Frames
  • Vases
  • Cushions
  • Rugs
  • Tableware
  • Company Profile:
    Year Established:1988
    Businss Type:Manufacturer
    Contact:Mr. Trevor Bishop (Managing Director)
    Address:59 / 87 Mooban Klang Muang, T. Bang Kaew, A. Bangplee    
    Product display:More
    Perfection7 is a merchandiser for Interior Accessories. We teach, create, manufacture and then retail to our much valued consumers.
    We are a manufacturer and exporter of mango wood ornaments and other interior accessories including; Vases, Bowls & Platter, Candle Holders, Container, Boxes, frames, cushions and rugs. The products of Perfection7 are purposefully created to bring love, liberty, and joy to its chosen destinations.
    It is our aim to pursue perfection in our products, to our consumers and to our staff. We believe perfection can be reached by creating an environment which endeavors love, care and patience. Perfection 7 ensures this service and emphasizes these attributes in all areas of the company.
    Our Designers, Artists and Craftsmen are encouraged to work in a relaxing state of mind, heart and soul through the means of prayer, thus allowing them to be in a peaceful place of Heavenly inspired creativity.
    Perfection7 currently has connections in markets in the USA, Europe, and the Middle East. In addition to our product range, we design exclusive product ranges depending on our client needs.
    All products are packaged to meet specific requirements.
    Besides Mango Wood products, we also offer MDF wood, Acacia wood sculpture, Bamboo, Rattan and Teak for home decorative items.
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