Megall Industries (Qingdao) Limited

We main product/services:
  • Disposable Products
  • Hand Towel
  • Toilet Tissue
  • Facial Tissne
  • Napkin
  • Company Profile:
    Year Established:2005
    Businss Type:Trading Company
    Contact:Mr. Fukang Shen (Project Manager)
    Address:C28H, Jindu Garden, 37 W. Donghai Road, Qingdao 266071, China    
    Product display:More
    Megall Industries (Qingdao) Limited is one of the leading manufacturers and dealers of tissue paper products in China. Our main products are both finished products and jumbo parent paper rolls.

    For parent tissue paper rolls, we work with main first-class paper mills in China and abroad. Our experienced staff always provide a compatible fit between our excellent paper mills and the needs of our customers.

    For finished tissue paper products, we have built up two converting plants. Based on the good sources of the materials of parent rolls home and abroad, advanced converting machines, experienced technicians and excellent management team, our quality finished tissue products enter into foreign chain markets, Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, etc. Meanwhile, many new materials are used so that many new finished products are always developed.

    We are also capable of providing technical, commercial, financial and logistical solutions for our customers to make the cooperation more efficient and valuable.
    Meanwhile, all our manufacturings are always committed to manufacture quality papers to meet the relative product standards and environmental standards seriously, which is so important for our future.

    All Megall people are striving to be Mega for all!
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