Shanghai King Tech Industry Co., Ltd.

We main product/services:
  • Reflective Tape
  • Occupational Reflective Safety Clothing
  • Reflective Casual Clothing
  • Multifunction Fabric
  • Reflective Fabric
  • Company Profile:
    Year Established:2003
    Businss Type:Manufacturer
    Contact:Ms. Sales KT (Sales)
    Fax86-21 -36000388
    Address:#388 Fulian 3rd Road    
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    Company: King Tech Group includes KTTEX Corporation, Carry Island Corporation, Shanghai King Tech Company, Ltd., and Shanghai Xiedao Company, Ltd, since 1994. With its patented technology, King Tech produces retro-reflective materials, performance fabrics, and various safety-related products. King Tech has outstanding facility in fabric finishing operations with specialized equipments of printing, laminating, coating, sublimating and spraying production lines. Also, King Tech maintains a complete cut-and-sew division to provide vertically-coordinated services to customers in a timely fashion. King Tech introduces and promotes public safety via area-reflective silhouetteclothing, active outdoor wears, and casual apparels.

    Location: King Tech Group includes KTTEX Corporation in California, USA; Carry Island Corporation in California, USA; warehouse operations in New Jersey, USA. Plus, King Tech Group has Shanghai King Tech Company, Ltd., in Shanghai, China; King Tech Laboratory in Shanghai, China; and Xiedao Industrial and Trading Company, Ltd., in Shanghai, China.

    Laboratory: King Tech has developed leading technology in the field of technical textile through its patented processes and application formulas. In additional to developing new products, trained lab technicians are also responsible for quality control of raw materials and final products with advanced instruments.

    Factory: The production facility in China is fully compatible with American industrial standards. Custom built production lines for proprietary processes are established to produce the state of art reflective and functional fabrics. Our in-house clothing designs and cut-and-sew facilities support innovative applications of its unique fabrics.

    Products: King Tech produces reflective tapes, reflective fabrics, area graphic reflective fabrics, chromakey screens, multi-functional performance fabrics, sportswear, safety wear and other performance clothing.

    Trade Marks: King Tech Group owns "KTTEX" area graphic reflective fabric and "HYGY" multi-functional performance fabric.

    Branding: KTTEX supplies high visibility clothing, sportswear, and golf clothing to "LumiTech" and "illumiNITE" brands.
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