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We main product/services:
  • Bulletproof Helmet
  • Soft Body Armor
  • Ballistic Helmet
  • Bulletproof Plate
  • Body Armour
  • Ballistic Vest
  • Bulletproof Vest
  • Bulletproof Jacket
  • Chest Plate
  • Bulletproof Vests
  • Hard Armor Plate
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    Since 2001, China Dacheng Body Armor became a Chinese leader of soft body armor like bulletproof vest & jacket, ballistic helmet, stab proof vest. Her bulletproof material is made of UHMWPE (abbreviation of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) fiber which is 15 times stronger than steel and up to 40% stronger than Kevlar (Aramid fiber). Dyneema of DSM and Spectra of Honeywell are two kinds of typical UHMWPE fiber.

    Our company always adheres to the principle of "initiating enterprise with Science and technology", and has long-term cooperation with the well-known scientific research Institutions. For these years, our company has paid great attention to technological input and innovation. Until now she has owned 9 items of invention patent,2 items of new practical patent. The Science and Technology Ministry accredit our company as State Commercialized Bases of New and Hi-Tech Materials in China.

    China Dacheng Body Armor is both most competitive in price and good in quality because we produce from bulletproof raw material to final products. Our body armor products have been equipped with People's Liberation Army and exported to all over the world. During these years, most people saved themselves under low cost by using our body armor products. Even most foreign beneficiaries only knew these products coming from China. Our team has done a lot of hard work for personal safety and we will work on.

    Our mail products are below:

    1. High Molecular Polyethylene Fiber (HMPE) & Products: UHMWPE Fiber, UHMWPE Fishing Line and Rope.

    2. Body Armor Products: Soft ballistic body armor like UHMWPE UD Laminations, bulletproof vest, bulletproof jacket, ballistic helmet, stab proof vest; Hard anti-ballistic products like Ceramic armor plate (chest plate & trauma plate for person), bulletproof plate (armor panel for vehicle).

    3. High Performance Engineering Fiber: Synthetic Build Fiber, PET Fiber for asphalt road surface, High Performance Polyethylene Fiber
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