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We main product/services:
  • Land Systems
  • Military
  • Rugged Computers
  • Defence
  • Avionics Systems And Components
  • Company Profile:
    Year Established:2001
    Businss Type:Distributor/Wholesaler
    Contact:Ms. Jaya Sudha ()
    Web Site:www.oriens-group.com  
    Address:blk 3007, ubi road 1, # 03-410    
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    We are a first choice, one-stop service provider for the electronics, military and semiconductors industries.

    We provide high-end electronic equipments and mechanical parts.
    Below are the products that we can offer

    1. Electronics card level ( VME/Vxs, CPCI, PC104 and System)

    a. Mil-Std-1553 cards and system

    b. ARINC 429/ 717, 708 etc

    c. Single Board Computer ( Intel based and PPC Based)

    d. I/Os

    2. Avionics Systems

    a. PCM analyzer

    b. Airborne Video and data recorder

    c. Airborne Video and data encoder

    d. High Data Rate Wide band Recorder and PCM recorder

    e. Digital Telemetry Receiver

    f. GPS/RF Auto tracking Flat Antenna

    g. Telemetry Antenna

    h. data link

    3. Rugged Systems

    a. Rugged Notebook

    b. Rugged Handheld PDA

    c. Rugged UMPC

    d. Rugged UMPC

    e. Rugged Display

    f. rugged switches and router

    4. Avionics Components

    a. S Band Receiver and transmitter

    b. Power Amplifier

    c. Active Modulation filter

    d. Telemetry Receiver

    e. Omni-directional/ bi-directional Antennas

    f. Stub coupler and terminators

    g. Aircraft terminal block

    h. Cables and connector assemblies

    5. Fiber Optics

    a. Fiber Optic Transceivers, media converters and interface adapters

    b. Fiber Optic Distribution Amplifiers, routing switches

    c. Fiber Transport: Video

    d. Fiber Optic Cables & Accessories

    For more information on our products and solutions, you may visit our web-site at www.oriens-group.com
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