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We main product/services:
  • Groundnuts
  • Dehydrated Garlic And Onions
  • Company Profile:
    Year Established:2001
    Businss Type:Distributor/Wholesaler
    Contact:Mr. forlan ibrahim (Owner/Entrepreneur)
    Web Site:
    Address:Avenue Kenedy    
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    Agric stand is a common innitiative group that was created in 2001 by a group of four graduated agricultural students from the university of ndchang due to the lack of job oppurtunities in the country. Our focus so far has been to creae job opportunities to others by helping them to increase food cultivation in the country so that we can also sell to other nations rather than waiting for government to employ when it may never happen. Apart from producing we also buy from other producers so we can sell abroad we produce garlic, onions and grounnuts. We also have large supply of colanuts palm oil. As for annimals we do rear goats and we have camels where we extract our milk to sell. We were nto big before it is due to immense support from donors around the world like hiefer project international and some of our sales abroad that we have expanded a bit do not hessitate to ask questions

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