I. S. T. C. Import Sistems Technology Chile

We main product/services:
  • Car Rearview
  • Big Bag
  • Lcd Display Parking
  • Parking System
  • Company Profile:
    Year Established:1999
    Businss Type:Trading Company
    Contact:Mr. Marcos Lopez (Director/CEO/General Manager)
    Web Site:
    Province/State:Region Metropolitana
    Address:Areturo Medina 5352    
    Product display:More
    I send this e-mail from Chile to which we know that thanks al new tried free commerce we will be able to advance in form but fast for the future business that we will be able to do among both countries. Our business I. S. T. C. Import Sistem technology Chile, is a business dedicated to the imports of technology for diverse areas, along with this interests us his products to present to be this project in my country, for this I ask his better prices for be able to enter al Chilean market and a quality of first, with endorsement of his factory. Expecting to be able to arrive at a good negociacion says goodbye to you attentively,
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