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    Founded in 1996 in Israel, the world's R & D center for technology, Icetelecom is dedicated to bringing innovative products and solutions to the mobile spare parts and accessories. Icetelecom is a privately owned company in the field of developing manufacturing and distributing accessories to the cellular telephone industry. Our line of products consists of; Hands-Free units, Electrical Chargers, Car Chargers, LCD Screens, Bluetooth car kits, Proprietary Testing Tools and devices etc.

    Icetelecom develops, designs and manufactures revolutionary products and accessories for a mobile generation of consumers.

    The biggest markets and the best customers will belong to the companies who can create superb products using great technology, design, and the skills to manufacture them at the highest level of quality at the most competitive price.

    Our International Design and R&D Team is backed by our China manufacturing facilities and a network of long-term customers and partners worldwide, to create the products of tomorrow, and to work on OEM projects.

    Icetelecom has the capacity and technology to develop and manufacture any adjustment to the interfaces and software to support any mobile telephone model; either already existing in the market or any that may be launched in the future. Such a process is relatively a short one.

    Our customers range from network operators, service providers, and manufacturers, to distributors and retailers. From mobile video products to PDA accessories and mobile phone solutions, we aim to contribute to a more exciting mobile world.
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