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We main product/services:
  • Ceramic Cutters
  • Health
  • Auto Coner
  • Spirulina Powderr
  • Product
  • Natural Product
  • Disposable Plate
  • Spares
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    Year Established:2005
    Businss Type:Trading Company
    Contact:Mr. vijayaragavan vontlin (Purchasing)
    Web Site:
    Zip:625 012
    Province/State:Tamil Nadu
    Address:No. 305, Thangagopuram, Kass Apartment, 2nd Floor. Villapuram    
    Product display:More
    Basically i am a textile diploma holder, having 12years textile mill working experience and also textile machinery spares marketing experience. I had a knowledge of textile machinery spares potential and where will be used. Past 6 years we are marketing particularly autoconer scissors in textile mills. Last year we sold 1000sets of ceramic cutters to auto coner having textile mills. Material bought from china through the other importer from tamilnadu. Now we interested to buy your product directly. Please send the rates for ceremic cutters for all type of autoconers.
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