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CarVsion A/S
Main Products:Navigation, multimedia, cables
Tel: 45-62614045
Web Address:
Create Year: 1982
ZIP Code: 5600
Address:Torvet 17c Faaborg denmark
Logic IO Aps
Main Products:GSM,GPS,telematics,avl,telemetry
Tel: 45-76250210
Web Address:,
Create Year: 1999
ZIP Code: 8700
Address:Holmboes Alle 14 Horsens Dk denmark
Main Products:other,GPS Tracking,GSM Tracking,RF Tracking
Tel: 45-8993-8860
Web Address:,
Create Year: 2000
ZIP Code: 8581
Address:GEORGSMINDEVEJ 24 Nimtofte Danmark denmark
Audio Boom
Main Products:Cassette players, multi-cd changers, mobilevideo/DVD, power, amplifiers, equalizers, crossovers, subwoofers, subwooferboxes, tweeters, speakers, radar detectors,
Tel: 020-7221 3776
Fax:020-7269 5455
Web Address: ,
Create Year: 2000
ZIP Code: 2300
Address:Islands Brygge 63, 3. Denmark Kobenhavn denmark
Hauerberg Import Export
Main Products:DVD, VCD Player, Laptops, Playstations, cell phones
Tel: 45-54762013
Web Address:,
Create Year: 2001
ZIP Code: 4952
Address:Birketvej 243, Saltvig Saltvig Stokkemarke denmark
Plasma Holmes
Main Products:Plasma Tv
Tel: 45-562-875434
Web Address:
Create Year: 0
ZIP Code: 29042
Address:232 miles S of Charlotte Bamberg Bamberg denmark
Beijer Electronics A/S
Main Products:gps
Tel: 45-467-55626
Web Address:
Create Year: 0
ZIP Code: 4000
Address:Lykkegardsvej 17, 1. Roskilde Roskilde denmark
Auto engros
Main Products:Used Cars,Used Car parts,Van 4 x 4,Used Diesel cars
Tel: 45-45-24659873
Web Address:
Create Year: 0
ZIP Code:
Address:716 lk street Nordjylland denmark
Main Products:Vinyl,car parts
Tel: 0045-28993166
Web Address:
Create Year: 0
ZIP Code: 5792
Address:skovvaenget 1b Aarslev denmark
Main Products:Catalytic converters,Aluminum ingots
Tel: 45-4097-9549
Web Address:,
Create Year: 0
ZIP Code: 2770
Address:Randkloeve alle 144 st th Kastrup Danmark denmark