Al Hamra Poly Factory llc

We main product/services:
Company Profile:
Year Established: 1988
Businss Type: Manufacturer
Contact: Mohammed Hamra (Financial & Sales Manager)
Telphone: 971-6-5420994
Fax 971-8-4685245
Web Site:,
Zip: 22465
Country/Region: United Arab Emirates
Province/State: Sharjah
City: Sharjah
Address: P O Box 22465, 464 Industrial Area 3   
Al Hamra Poly Factory llc
Was incorporated in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates in January 1989, producing Polypropylene Woven Bags & Sacks.
Two main products are the main out put of our factory:
1st PRODUCT: Polypropylene woven bags, laminated and non-laminated for packing many types of commodities such as Dates, Barley, Animal-feed, Corn etc from 5 to 100 kilo capacity to those who requires it such as flour-mills, animal feed factories, fertilizers of all types, silos, sugar mills, courier bags, packing industries, and etc. Also cargo and mail bags, in sizes, colors, and print that customer requires. Demand has grown rapidly.
2nd PRODUCT: Polypropylene Jacquard Woven Mats PP Mats, started production in July-92 with initial capacity of 300 tons per year. In years after 1992 continues expansions in both products continued on yearly basis. And now we produce about 1000 tons per year.
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