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Year Established: 1998
Businss Type: Manufacturer
Contact: Ilshat Gilfanov (Director/CEO/General Manager)
Telphone: 7-495-9883361
Fax 7-495-5725551
MobilePhone: 9096236043
Web Site:,
Zip: 115088
Country/Region: Russian Federation
Province/State: Moscow
City: Moscow
Address: Yuzhnoportovaya 40A   
Our company specializes in supplying industrial equipment, machinery, spare parts and components from China, Taiwan, South Korea and Southeast Asian countries.
We have Injection molding machines with clamping forces from 50 to 4000 tons, extruders, thermo-forming machines, blow molding machines, lines for the production of disposable cups, PET bottles, CD & DVD boxes, PE packages, profiles, tubes, etc.
We have Full auto machines for the production of disposable shoe covers, bath caps, masks.
as well as lines for the production of sanitary napkins, towels, and childrens diapers.
We are a professional engineering company, and have staff of highly qualified engineers who will help pick exactly the right equipment to test right here on the spot and to send to the countries required. We have complete lines of high tech equipment needed for compatibilty.
We have many years of experience working with manufacturers of the molds, we know reliable proven producers who can produce the molds of desired times and good quality.
Our Department of spare parts can find the necessary parts for any equipment, including the European/American production.
We also have a logistics department for the delivery of essential goods in/for your country.
Please contact me by phone or email if you are interested, and we can offer a quotation with the best prices and quality of goods...: All kinds of equipment, spare parts and components, molds and tools.
Believe/Trust on the our professionals. OR We are professionals, who can deliver the best prices and products. We are experts and can deliver
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