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Businss Type: Manufacturer
Contact: Gabriel Stuhlmuller (CEO)
Telphone: 852-8386085
Fax 852
Web Site:,
Zip: Wanchai
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Address: Units A & B 15 / F, neich Tower, 128 Gloucester Road   
Pegast Ltd. is a company that has the head office in Hong Kong and was founded by the German business man Stuhlmuller Gabriel, with an experience of 19 years in international relations, imports, economics and business developing markets that are part of the European Union. The company is a connection bridge between Europe and Asia, its founder establishing business partnerships and imports of goods from a variety of domains between the two continents, especially Germany. Through the experience gathered in so many years, through its own employees in Asia and partners in Europe, the dimensions of the benefits we offer are huge, as we put competitive price in report to good quality at the base of our own business existence.

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