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Year Established: 2009
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Shenzhen Guodun Armor Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the leading suppliers of lightweight and high-performance bullet proof materials in China. We focus on body armor technology including the strongest high performance polyethylene yarn (ballistic fiber), bullet proof polyethylene unidirectional fabric (UHMWPE UD and non-woven in roll), knitted / woven protective clothing, non-woven stab-proof fabric, soft armor panels (SAP, cut from UHMWPE UD), and hard armor insert plates (HAP, laminated from the UHMWPE UD or composite with ceramic).

We also supply NIJ standards 0108.01, 0101.04 or 0101.06 type IIA, II, IIIA, III and IV bulletproof vests, jackets, ballistic helmets, vehicle panels and ballistic shields which are made from UD, SAP or HAP.

Bulletproof unidirectional (UHMWPE UD and non-woven) fabric:
Lightweight and high-performance polyethylene UD (non-woven) fabric is made from several layers of the strongest bullet proof fiber (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene / UHMWPE fiber). Our fiber is lighter than water, is resistant to UV, and is more than ten times stronger than high-quality steel and around 40% greater than normal aramid fiber. The modulus is very high and the elongation at breaking is very low.

The anti-ballistic performance of bullet proof UD (non-woven) fabric is higher than that of other conventional woven fabric because the energy from a ballistic impact is quickly distributed along the fiber. This is a typical bulletproof material used for soft body armour vests / jackets, hard armour insert plates, ballistic helmets and armoured vehicles. All of the bullet proof materials (UD and non-woven fabrics) have passed tests as stand-alone products, according to the newest NIJ standards 0101.06 levels II, IIIA and III, at a famous laboratory. Our products can also meet level IV when made as composite with ceramic-type materials.

Soft armour insert panel (SAP):
Lightweight, soft and high performance SAP is the main ballistic material of bullet proof vests / jackets. Our products are cut from polyethylene UD (non-woven) fabric through normal garment cutting machines according to different vest sizes (or by order shapes) and sew into water-resistant covers.

SAP has passed NIJ 0108.01, 0101.04 and 0101.06 levels IIA, II and IIIA and 7.62mm x 25mm Tokarev (lead core) testing as a stand-alone product.

Hard armour insert plate (HAP):
Our lightweight and high-performance HAP of body armor vests/jackets are laminated from 100% polyethylene UD (non-woven) fabric or composite with ceramic tiles. Our products easily meet NIJ standards 0101.04 and 0101.06 levels III and IV, either as stand-alone products or in conjunction with a level IIIA vest.

Lightweight and high-performance body armour:
Our lightweight and high performance body armour includes b
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